Here is the entry that we tried to post everyday last week. Unfortinately the server was not working.

Sorry everyone!!!!


Praise God we got rain last night!!! (Last Tuesday)

It was wonderful!!!

It really was appreciated as there has been a large fire a few miles east of us.

It had been burning since last Friday. And been an issue since early Sunday morning

when the wind came up. Daddy, Grpa G, and Uncle Garret all spent some time fighting it this past week.

We are very thankful everyone stayed safe!Image

Daddy started mowing hay. It’s not a good year for haying since we haven’t got much moisture.

Hopefully it will be okay though.Image

A few times this past week mommy and I have gone and helped Grpa and Grma G chop haylage.

We drive one of the trucks and I practice my tractor and truck sounds.

Today I helped Daddy move some bulls. I got to ride Joker with him for a long ways.

I loved it and practiced my whistling the whole time.