Hey!!! How are you? Around my house we say HAY!!!

 I often talk about feeding the cattle. 

It is the day to day activity for Rancher’s especially during the winter months.

I thought I’d show what I am talking about and how we go about feeding.

(Every rancher does it somewhat differently)

Here are the hay bales that we put up last summer. They are meadow grasses and some alfalfa.

(Alfalfa is high in protein) Last summer I posted pictures of us mowing and baling the hay.

During the winter we grind the hay so that we can feed it through the feed wagon into feed bunks.

Above is a picture of the hay grinder. Below is a picture of the ground hay mound.

Daddy then uses the loader on the tractor to put the ground hay in the feed wagon.

Then he & I drive out to the bunks and put the hay into the bunks.

Here is a picture of daddy and I next to the feed bunk full of hay.

Here is a picture of the cattle all lined up along the feed bunk eating.

Mmm!!! Good!!! Say Hay!!!