Saturday it was 40 degrees…we bundled up…and went sledding!!!!

(After Daddy had chores done)

It was LOTS of FUN!!!! Daddy pulled me around and we only tipped over twice.

I loved it and was so relaxed I almost fell asleep;) Almost!!!!

Sunday we went to church and then Daddy and I took a nap together in the recliner.

When I woke up Aunt Carmen was here and her and mom were busy in the kitchen.

Then all these people started to come into our house…big people…kids…babies.

I had not seen so many people in our house…I even had to share my toys!!!

We ate and then everyone opened these pretty wrapped boxes.

Us kids PLAYED and PLAYED. The bigger kids were hard to keep up with.

It was a fun time and I was really tired that night after everyone went home.


Today I went with Daddy to check heifers and then we burned 2 slash piles.

Daddy lit them on fire and checked them almost all day.

They were warm and much bigger than Kim’s fire in the stove.