A Bald Eagle

This week I have been recuperating from the big weekend.

Monday we watched grandpa P’s steer calves sell on the internet.

(He sold them at a sale barn that broadcasted live on the internet)

It took them a while to get to his calves so I got a nap while watching.

Waiting For Grandpa's Calves To Sell

(Don’t worry grandpa I woke to watch yours)

We were soaring high like the eagle with how well they sold.

We also got a bunch more heifers calves.

Daddy has a lot to feed now.

Watching Grandpa’s Calves Sell

Mommy and I went to Brost’s. Daddy rode with us and then went to a Bull Sale.

It was fun to have him ride along!

 I went to the grocery store, post office, and convience store with Grandma Kim.

We walked by some big dogs which made Kim very nervous even though they were in a fence.

It wasn’t a real tall fence and they could jump out if they wanted too.

One of them attacked the other as we walked by.


Wednesday daddy loaded hay. I didn’t get to go with him:(

I stayed in the house where it was warmer and helped mommy.

Grpa G sold his steer calves and shipped them today.

(He sold his private treaty and the buyer came with a semi and got them)

We soared high again with the price he got for the steers.

That night we went to church and my buddy Ed let me try a candy bar. Mmm! Mmm!


Thursday we went out and helped daddy feed the calves.

It snowed 6 inches during the night.

I couldn’t believe all the calves that we had to feed.

I didn’t get to ride the horse though. Mommy said it was too cold.

After my afternoon nap we went to uncle Garret’s basketball game.

I hadn’t ever been to one and thought it was very interesting.

Balls bouncing, people running around, and lots of cheering.

It was a close game and uncle Garret made the 1 second shot to tie the game

and we won in over time. I was very proud!

It was a late night though and I got tired.

But this has been a week of soaring high!

Feeding Heifers

Today mommy and I went with daddy to check the bred heifers.

Daddy had to chop some ice from the overflow for the water line.

Daddy had fed them some hay and wanted to make sure they all came to eat.

This afternoon mommy and I made Christmas cookies.

Mommy let me snitch a bite. Yummy! Yummy!

Checking the Heifers