Chisum 8 Months

Thank You Veterans for your service and protection. We appreciate the freedoms that you have preserved!

Happy Boy

I am 8 months old now! I am getting to be a big boy. I keep mommy on the go keeping ahead of me and playing together. Today I crawled up my first step into the laundry room where she was working. I also really like to go outside with daddy and am very disappointed when he leaves me in the house. Daddy does all sorts of exciting stuff. I don’t want to miss out!!! The other day at the post office they weighed me. I am weighing 19.6 lbs already!!! It’s the good beef of grma G’s and garden produce from grandma P. Thanks to my grandparents I eat well!!!!

Feeding Heifers

I am still getting up a little early after the time change. It works out well because I am able to go help daddy feed the calves when I get up in time. We feed them grain and then hay them. Daddy lets me sit in the bunk and watch them eat for a little bit. The other day mommy and I both went out and helped feed. Then we went to check heifers and take them salt. Unfortunately, the hunter’s were still out so we came back to the house. After my morning nap though mommy and I went without daddy. It was a beautiful day and mommy got some pictures of me in the pastures.

Playing in the Grass While Mommy Shuts the Gate

Today I went with daddy to move some hay stacks. We took the tractor. After dinner I also went with daddy to the neighbors to get some more feed for the calves. I feel really important doing things with daddy.

Taking Out Salt

I am also standing up to things like a pro. I even push up on my feet and hands and move around the house. I like to help mommy with the dishes. She has to be quick to get the dishwasher loaded before I unload it.

Mommy's Big Helper