It was a fun fast weekend for me!

I got to help more on the corrals…we have been doing that for a while;) Hopefully it will be done soon!!!! Daddy checked some pastures, but said I couldn’t go this time. I really wanted to go with him:( He left mommy and I off at aunt Carmen’s to watch the college football game. It was rather disheartening, I even slept through the 2nd half. I got some fun clothes and toys from some friends though! That was exciting!!!!

We went to church on Sunday. Grpa came to see me right away and I got to hang out with him until I went and helped mommy and daddy lead the music. I was pretty tired but didn’t want to miss anything so I stayed awake. After dinner mommy and daddy left me at Kim and Brek’s. They went out to a movie together. I helped Grandma Kim pick crab apples and make juice so she can make jelly. We also took a nap together in the recliner. Mr. Bob and Mr. Hall came to see me there too. It was fun to see them. Mommy and daddy picked me up and then we went to get some groceries. Several people commented on how cute I was. They thought I had a great smile and at the deli they told me I was their favorite customer. My cowboy hat helps win hearts! (Thanks Aunties !!! I Love You!!!!)

Daddy Counting Them Through The Gate

Today daddy and some neighbors gathered the replacement heifers and moved them to a smaller pasture. That way they will be easier to gather to pregnancy check later this week. Mommy and I made dinner for the crew. I got to see the horses and the cattle dogs. I sat on daddy’s horse but I had just woke up from my nap so I was a little unsure. This afternoon I went with mommy and daddy to the hardware store. Aunt Carmen was there working and she gave me a ball. There also were 2 puppies there and the one let me pet him. I like dogs! Several friends of ours stopped in too and I smiled and waved at them. I like people too;)

Tonight daddy went to look for a heifer they missed earlier. He said I needed to stay home and take a nap. Hopefully he won’t be gone long because I want to play with him!!! In the mean time mommy and I played with my barn and found my cow!!!

Chisum and His Ranch