Today when mommy and I went for a walk I noticed that the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and red. They are pretty and mommy says that means fall is coming. I’m not real sure what that means but the trees are pretty.

I have been busy helping dad paint…painting takes a long time. Today mommy and I had to go and get some more paint for daddy. Hopefully we will be done soon because it isn’t real fun or exciting to me. Things around the ranch are looking better though. It is a beautiful day and daddy didn’t want to stop painting to come in to eat so mommy and I took him a sandwich for dinner and we had a picnic.

Daddy and I Painting the Corrals

Saturday Great Grandpa and Grandma came to our house for breakfast. They brought us wonderful produce from their garden and their fruit trees. Yum-Yum! Mommy lets me eat more real food and I like it! I don’t get to see Great Grandpa much so it was fun to play with him.

Great Grandpa and Grandma

We also went to Aunt Carmen’s to watch the college football game on Saturday. Uncle Heath and our friend Tim came in too. I had fun playing with my pony and a train. I don’t like watching football on TV real well. But it was fun to play with everyone there.