This has been a good, but interesting week for me.

Tuesday morning mom and I left early to spend time with my Great Aunt Karna and Great Uncle Doug at Grma  and Grpa G’s. They live on a dairy farm in SD and it was the first time that I met them. Then Grma and Grpa convinced mom to leave me with them. Mom left to go to work and then I went with Grma and Grpato get some tractor parts in town. I slept most of the way…until we had to stop and wait for some road construction. I had the parts salesmen eating out of my hand (I have a pretty amazing smile that quickly wins hearts). I tried to get them to give me a toy, but I guess I wasn’t quite that cute;).

Me Riding Joker

Meanwhile mom showed up at work (she works 1 day a week) and everyone was disappointed that I was not with her (I usually go with her). She quickly reassured them that I would be coming later.

I was sleeping when Grma and Grpa dropped me off with mom. When I woke up I was at Grandma Kim’s (she’s not really my grandma but she’s an amazing substitute. I was able to spend time with her and Uncle Brek (her husband that mom does nursing care for). I showed them my new trick…waving. They thought that was pretty exciting.

Later that evening the men that come to their bible study came to see me. They normally have bible study on Tuesday’s but did not this week. Rex and Jerry still came to see me and play with me. They are a lot of fun and I learn about farming when they are there.

Chisum 6 Months

Wednesday was my 6 month birthday!!!!!! Mom made me do a photo shoot. She sends pictures to my grandparents and great grandparents each month. She also emails pictures to friends and family. Following the photo shoot I got to ride Joker again. Daddy had rode through the cattle to check for sick calves. This time of the year it gets warm during the day and cold at night. The extreme temperature changes can cause the calves to get sick. When he was done let me ride for a while. I had not sat on the horse by myself before. That afternoon mom and I rode with dad hauling rock again. I got to ride with daddy in the tractor. He lets me move the loader on the front of the tractor up and down.

I got a musical guitar, whoozit, book, baby monitor, and stuffed frog for my birthday. I took my guitar to music practice and played for them. They thought I was pretty talented.

Today I supervised mom and dad shovel rock around our cistern (our water comes from a live spring and then is held in a cistern on the hill near our house). We went to Uncle Garret’s football game this afternoon. They won 54 – 13. Unfortunately there was a boy on the other team that was injured and taken to the hospital in the ambulance. We are praying for him. When we 1st pulled up to the game there were some people from Michigan parked on the side of the road. They thought I was so cute in my football jersey and cowboy hat that they asked to take my picture. During the game the girls all kept me company. I’m a Ladies man!!!

After the game we went and fixed a windmill. The pump rod was broken. I was pretty tired so I slept part of the time in the pickup. We also checked water and saw the heifers near one of the tanks.

On the way home we saw lots of deer. We see deer a lot, but tonight they were everywhere. The wildlife is neat to see and we enjoy them.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! TTYL

Learning the Ropes

P.S. I am getting more mobile and getting into things. I’m a busy boy and have lots to explore!