OK … so where did mom make me leave off… O yeah!

We went to Uncle Garret’s High School Football game last Friday Night. Like I said it was 3 hours away. We picked up my Aunt Carmen and a couple of friends on the way. There are 17 boys on the team and then 1 student manager. Every boy in the 9-12 th grades in our High School is involved in the football team. Yes, we have 18 boy students in the county high school. We play 6 man football, which is really exciting to watch. Uncle Garret is the quarterback and plays defense too. Our team won 24 to 6. I like to go cheer him on and hope to be a quarterback someday. Uncle Garret and dad say they will help me practice.

Uncle Garret and I at His Game


Saturday mom and I went for our walk. We also did some cleaning around the house. Mom, dad, and I listened to a college football game on the radio. We do not have local TV access and do not spend money on cable or satellite. Great Grandpa said “Why would you want to watch someone else when you have your own life to live!” Some wisdom to that. When the game was over we went and checked cows. They were all along the county road (Some of the roads around here are what they call “Open Range” meaning that the cattle are not fenced off the roads). I liked to see them up close as sometime’s they are far out in the pasture and I do not get to see them very well. We also saw some deer along the creek. There was a large buck in the herd.

Checking Cows

Sunday we went to church. Following the service we had a fellowship dinner. We have those the 1st Sunday of each month and other times as well. We enjoy visiting with friends and family at them.  There is no restaurants in our town so it is nice to have meals at church if we have meetings and things in town. It is far enough for most people to go home that it would be very inconvenient to go home and then come back to church after eating.  There is always lots of good food. My grandparents, great grandma, uncles, and aunt were there. Moms cousin was also there visiting for the long Labor Day weekend. He is working on his Doctorate at the University of Wyoming. Also while we were eating my great grandpa’s cousin and her husband came. They were traveling through and thought they would stop and see us. Mainly me!!!! Since we were all at church they were not able to find grpa and grma at home or get us on the phone. When they got to town they saw lots of vehicles at the church so they decided to stop and see if we were there. What a wonderful surprise! We showed them where our home was after dinner.
After they left mom, dad, and I took a nap. Then because we had so many family members visiting we all went to grpa and grma’s for supper. She made us hamburger’s – She makes the best hamburger’s!! They fed me carrots and wouldn’t let me have a burger:(. Someday!!!! It was sad to tell them all good-bye, especially Uncle Levi and Sarah, as he leaves for Afghanistan again this Wednesday. We all pray for him a lot! Family is very important here and I love mine very much!!!

Uncle Levi, Sarah, and I

Great Grandma N. came and stayed the night with us. She had to go home today but she did rock me to sleep before she left.
Earlier today some neighbors used our corral to load some yearlings into their trailer. Our corral is close to their pasture so they asked if they could use it. They used their horses to drive the cattle to our corral. It was fun to see them and their horses.
P.S. I learned to wave this week! Everyone gets excited when I wave at them.